PMQs: Boris Johnson Must Go

While people in Motherwell and Wishaw, our NHS and other frontline services made sacrifices throughout the pandemic, Boris Johnson was hosting a cheese and wine party in Downing Street. While people were following rules by not visiting family in hospital, missing funerals and weddings, Boris Johnson was putting public health at risk with an illegal gathering. And while footage has emerged of the Prime Minister’s staff joking about breaking lockdown rules, Boris Johnson continues to shirk his responsibilities and deny that any rules were broken.

Boris Johnson believes he can lie his way through this scandal and that the public will swallow it. True to form, the Tories show that it is one rule for them and another rule for everyone else. As Omicron rises, his government has shattered public trust in health measures. It is time for Boris Johnson and his corrupt government to go. Boris Johnson must resign.

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PMQS: Sick Pay and Coronavirus

I am glad that statutory sick pay will be available from day one – not day four – so people do not present at work and risk spreading coronavirus.

I hope this policy will remain permanent so that workers with all illnesses are able to take the time off they need to recover. This will especially benefit disabled people.

People should not have to choose between working while ill and hardship. We need a modern sick pay system fit for the 21st century. Sick pay must be set at an hourly rate and living wage; available to everyone regardless of earnings, working hours or contract; and available for 52 weeks instead of 28.

For people who are self-employed and on zero hours contracts, Boris Johnson has said Universal Credit is available from day one. It is not. It is available after a gruelling five week wait forcing people to foodbanks.

People deserve dignity and support. There is no need for people to endure hardship. The lack of support from the UK Government risks the unnecessary spreading of coronavirus.




Marion Fellows, SNP MP for Motherwell and Wishaw, has this week welcomed the Scottish Government’s budget which includes record spending of £15bn for health and social care.

But the Scottish Government’s has had to estimate its budget due to the UK Government setting its budget in March. Scottish Government Ministers weren’t notified of the UK Government’s budget day and found out after it was announced in the media.

Spending is based on commitments made by the Tories during the General Election. If the UK Government does not meet its election pledges, then the Scottish Government’s budget will have to be revised.

Key pledges include:

  • Record funding of £15bn for Health and Social Care – including £117m in mental health;
  • £800m and an additional £300m to build more homes beyond the 50,000 target of this Parliament.
  • £3.4bn – part of which will be towards the new Scottish Child Payment which will lift 30,000 children out of poverty.
  • £270m in rail investment and an extra £16m on concessionary travel.
  • £37m extra for Policing.
  • A real terms increase of 4.3% for local authorities.
  • For the third consecutive year, more than half of Scottish income tax payers will pay less tax than if they lived elsewhere in the UK.

Commenting, Mrs Fellows said:

“The SNP Scottish Government’s budget has committed to invest in the public services we care, build the homes we need, and create the jobs and transport infrastructure that will allow North Lanarkshire and Scotland to thrive.

“The Scottish budget is set against the backdrop of heightened uncertainty and risk, created by the UK Government following their decision to delay the UK budget until March. These are based on commitments made during the general election. Boris Johnson must now deliver on these promises in full.

“The SNP is listening to communities and delivering on their needs. Our NHS and mental health services are being put to the forefront of our budget with record £15bn investment. The new Scottish Child Payment will lift 30,000 children out of poverty. More money is being invested in housing so we can exceed our already ambitious target of 50,000.

“This is a budget for all of Scotland which is being delivered through a fair tax system where for the third consecutive year, more than half of Scottish income tax payers will pay less tax than if they lived elsewhere in the UK.”



As successive UK Governments continue to ride roughshod over Scotland’s will, we must decide our own future – not have Boris Johnson decide it for us.

The First Minister has today announced that the SNP will seek to secure a binding referendum for the Scottish people. We will seek to do this by bringing together the elected representatives of Scotland: MSPs, MPs, the MEPs elected last year and council leaders – to come together to endorse a modern Claim of Right for Scotland through a new Constitutional Convention.

To declare that it is for the Scottish Parliament to decide whether and when there should be an independence choice and build support for that principle amongst civic Scotland.

Independence has always been backed up with a solid plan. In 2014, we produced ‘Scotland’s Future’. We will now produce the ‘New Scotland’ papers which will provide the information and answers people want on the details on how Scotland can make the transition from a Yes vote to becoming an independent country.

They will set out ideas and options for how we can use the powers of independence to build a better future – to grow a stronger and more sustainable economy, tackle poverty and inequality, better meet the climate challenge and expand opportunity for our country and for each and every person who lives here.

Scotland’s people are moving the country towards independence. Our will cannot be undermined and the SNP is fighting for a Scotland which will be able to make its own decisions. We can achieve that with independence.



As the Scottish Parliament reaffirms its calls for an independence referendum, a poll has shown that support for independence has taken the lead.

We’ve had enough of Boris Johnson and his Tory pals deciding our future for us and undermining our economy and services.

The Tory UK Government cannot continue to run scared from the will of the Scottish people. We must have our say.



Nicky Morgan, who resigned as an MP at the last election, and Zac Goldsmith, an ex-Tory minister who lost his seat at the election, have been sworn into the unelected and unaccountable House of Lords.

As per usual, the Tories are stuffing their friends into lucrative and influential posts. It doesn’t matter if they lose their seats or don’t even bother to face their constituents, Boris Johnson will look after them while austerity slashes incomes and people work for poverty wages.

Labour are complicit in allowing the House of Lords to exist with many former MPs and MSPs taking seats there.

UK democracy is broken.




Marion Fellows, the SNP MP for Motherwell and Wishaw, has this week criticised the UK Government for forcing Scottish councils to set tax rates “blindfolded” after a four-month delay to the UK budget and voiced concerns for services in North Lanarkshire.

Scottish councils are legally required to set their budgets and tax rates by the 11th of March – the same day the UK Government decides their budget meaning councils won’t know how much funding they should receive.

This will cause Scottish local authorities issues with financial planning and operating services and will force the Scottish Parliament to decide its budget in a shorter than usual time period.

Scottish Government Ministers weren’t notified of the UK Government’s budget day and found out after it was announced in the media. This is despite the Scottish Finance Secretary, Derek MacKay MSP, writing to the UK Chancellor on the 22nd of December for clarity on the date of the UK budget.

Commenting, Mrs Fellows said:

“By forcing Scottish councils to set their tax rates on the same day the UK Government decides their budget, they are forcing councils to plan their spending completely blindfolded. It demonstrates the complete disdain the UK Government has for Scottish local authorities and the communities here which rely on their services.

“This could have profound consequences for services in North Lanarkshire, and it is completely disrespectful of devolution. Scotland appears to be an afterthought to the UK Government.

“It isn’t surprising that a Prime Minister who unlawfully prorogued Parliament has no respect for due process or the decision-making of Scottish councils.

“Boris Johnson has been more concerned with personal ambition and stuffing his friends into the unelected House of Lords than he has been with the running of local services here in North Lanarkshire.”



STORY: “Nicky Morgan gets Cabinet job and peerage despite vowing to quit Parliament”

The Tories’ disdain for democracy knows no bounds as Boris Johnson moves to stuff unelected and rejected Tory members into the House of Lords and the UK Cabinet.

With no democratic legitimacy or public accountability, peers should not be able to oversee entire government departments and determine peoples’ futures. The House of Lords must be abolished.

Johnson is creating a private club of unelected Lords and Ladies who will dictate Scotland’s future rather than enable us to decide it for ourselves. The Westminster system is broken, and we must escape it.



The SNP has been elected on a clear mandate for an independence referendum. The people of Scotland want to decide their own future – not have Boris Johnson decide it for us.

The SNP gained a better mandate from the Scottish electorate for an independence referendum than the Tories gained across the UK to form a government. Scotland’s will must be respected.




Marion Fellows, the Scottish National Party (SNP) candidate for Motherwell and Wishaw who is seeking re-election to the House of Commons, has called on local voters put Scotland’s future in Scotland’s hands at the ballot box on the 12th December.

Mrs Fellows has welcomed a four billion pound commitment to the NHS in Scotland, which was set out in the SNP’s election manifesto, and has vowed to lock the Tories out of power by voting down any proposal from them to form a government.

Other key manifesto pledges include securing a Scottish Parliament veto on trade deals to prevent privatisation of the health service, stopping Brexit, giving new parents an additional twelve weeks of parental leave, securing justice for WASPI women, and an end to nuclear weapons on the Clyde.

Speaking before the final few days of local campaigning, Mrs Fellows said:

“On 12 December, the only way to put Scotland’s future in Scotland’s hands is to vote SNP. I will not allow Scotland’s future to be decided for us by Johnson’s Tories or Corbyn’s Labour.

“Westminster is broken, and none of the UK parties are putting Scotland’s interests first. Voters here know that unlike my opponents, I’ll always be on their side. For 36 of the last 60 years, Scotland has suffered under Tory Governments we did not vote for. In the past Labour has failed to protect our local interests, that’s why more and more people believe that we should have a new opportunity to determine our own future and are putting their trust in the SNP.

“Unlike Labour, I will not allow Brexit to put jobs on the line. And unlike the Tories, I will not allow our NHS to be trodden down by austerity and opened up to privatisation or Donald Trump. Our public services must remain in public hands.

“A vote for the SNP is a vote to lock the Tories out of power; to end austerity and invest in jobs and services; and to allow Scotland to determine our own future free from the chaos of Westminster.”