Marion Fellows, MP for Motherwell and Wishaw, has urged EU citizens to make their applications to the EU Settlement Scheme (EUSS) as the deadline approaches on 30 June.

Those who do not apply by the deadline will lose their right to work, healthcare and public funds.

Mrs Fellows is concerned that a high number of looked after children are yet to apply which can cause serious implications for them if the deadline is missed.  

The Scottish Government has provided funding to Citizens Advice Scotland to support EU citizens living in Scotland in applying to the EUSS. Their team of specialist advisors can be contacted on their freephone EU Citizens Support Service helpline, 0800 916 9847.

SNP Parliamentarians have called on the UK Government to extend the deadline and improve the EUSS to ensure those people who have the right to reside are able to do so.

Commenting, Mrs Fellows said:

“EU citizens in Motherwell, Wishaw, Bellshill and across Scotland contribute so much to their communities, the economy and our public services. It is essential that all who are eligible for the EU Settlement Scheme apply before the deadline of 30 June so they can continue to make those valued contributions.

“Brexit has created an incredible amount of uncertainty for EU citizens over their lives, careers and families. SNP MPs have called for the deadline to be extended and the scheme to be simplified. But the UK Government has ignored these calls.

“Citizens Advice Scotland are providing support to those who need assistance. I urge all EU citizens who have yet to apply to do so as soon as possible. Scotland is your home and you are welcome here.”E



As successive UK Governments continue to ride roughshod over Scotland’s will, we must decide our own future – not have Boris Johnson decide it for us.

The First Minister has today announced that the SNP will seek to secure a binding referendum for the Scottish people. We will seek to do this by bringing together the elected representatives of Scotland: MSPs, MPs, the MEPs elected last year and council leaders – to come together to endorse a modern Claim of Right for Scotland through a new Constitutional Convention.

To declare that it is for the Scottish Parliament to decide whether and when there should be an independence choice and build support for that principle amongst civic Scotland.

Independence has always been backed up with a solid plan. In 2014, we produced ‘Scotland’s Future’. We will now produce the ‘New Scotland’ papers which will provide the information and answers people want on the details on how Scotland can make the transition from a Yes vote to becoming an independent country.

They will set out ideas and options for how we can use the powers of independence to build a better future – to grow a stronger and more sustainable economy, tackle poverty and inequality, better meet the climate challenge and expand opportunity for our country and for each and every person who lives here.

Scotland’s people are moving the country towards independence. Our will cannot be undermined and the SNP is fighting for a Scotland which will be able to make its own decisions. We can achieve that with independence.


Despite voting remain, Scotland has been consistently ignored by the UK Government over single market access throughout the whole Brexit process while Northern Ireland gets the advantage of continued access. Scottish Government compromises have been disregarded and a response hasn’t even been provided.

The Secretary recognises Northern Ireland’s special status, but doesn’t recognise an advantage in it – the epitome of doublespeak.

Only with independence will we actually get a Government making decisions in Scotland’s interests.




While the Brexit crisis continues its grip over Westminster politics, the Labour party has turned to infighting over opposing an increasingly reckless right-wing Tory government. 

With just 40 days until the UK is due to leave the EU, Labour’s Momentum faction has moved to oust their deputy leader Tom Watson — who has been one of the few consistent voices on the Labour front bench opposed to Brexit. 

The SNP has said this latest plotting has become characteristic of a Labour party which is incapable of standing up to the Tories on the biggest issue facing the country for decades. 

Commenting, Marion Fellows MP said:

“The Labour party’s failure to stand up to the Tories on Brexit will go down as one of the greatest political misjudgments of all time. 

“Their failure to stand firm against the biggest political risk facing the UK puts our economy and thousands of jobs in peril. 

“These latest manoeuvrings against their anti-Brexit deputy leader show that Labour will always prioritise infighting over the national interest at a time of crisis. 

“Where Jeremy Corbyn has failed to provide opposition, the SNP will continue to fight for what’s best for Scotland.

“That means, unequivocally, stopping Brexit and giving people the right to choose a better future with independence.”



Lib Dem leader, Jo Swinson, has said that David Cameron cannot be forgiven for calling an EU referendum. But in 2010, the Lib Dem’s outlined in their manifesto that they wanted a referendum on EU membership.

It’s about time the Lib Dem’s took some responsibility rather than passing the buck. They should not be allowed to escape the years they spent propping up the Tories and imposing austerity on our communities. Unsurprising considering Swinson called for a statue of Thatcher. She is completely detached from the lives of ordinary people.



Only yesterday, Boris Johnson compared the UK to the Incredible Hulk. Following discussions with the Prime Minister of Luxembourg – a country of 600,000 people – Boris Johnson clearly wasn’t up to speaking to press. Instead, he turned into the Incredible Sulk and ran off with his tail between his legs.

Boris Johnson is quickly finding out that he can’t bumble his way out of the Brexit mess he has gotten the UK into and it will be his plan to blame the EU. Instead of coming up with a concrete alternative negotiating with EU leader, he has spent much of his time touring the UK to put the Tories on an election footing.

Don’t be fooled. Boris Johnson’s arrogance and sentimental delusion of the UK as some powerful, imperial state is the reason the UK is hurtling towards a no deal Brexit and shortages of food and medicine.



‘John McDonnell ignores Richard Leonard and keeps independence referendum on the table’

Just like Brexit, with independence Labour are completely incapable of forming any coherent position. With no deal fast approaching, Scottish Labour politicians need to sort it out.

Unless they join the SNP in defending Scotland’s right to hold an independence referendum, they’ll be backing a jobs-wrecking Tory Brexit.

The SNP is clear: Scotland is sovereign and has the right to determine its own future which is as an independent member in the family of European democracies.



Indicative votes have shown a clear opposition to no deal and also the UK Government’s deal which has been rejected several times by a margin which has broken records. But the Tories are intent on staggering on with their zombie deal bringing no deal closer.

The SNP has voted against no deal, and for a second vote and the softest Brexit possible (Common Market 2.0) in order to minimise the damage to Scotland’s economy, services and communities. But the UK Government refuses to listen to Parliament or Scotland.

The UK Government is sinking and offers of negotiations with the Labour party are an attempt to spread the blame for their own failures. Nothing will come of negotiations as both parties are in civil war. They represent the failure of the British system which could see the UK crash out with no deal.



The UK Government committed themselves to creating a UK shared prosperity fund to replace EU funding that seeks to reduce inequalities across our communities between the four nations of the United Kingdom. Two years later, the fund still does not exist.

There must be a commitment from the UK Government that any funds after Brexit are matched and that devolved governments take a leading role in deciding how that money is spent rather than being dictated to by London.

I won’t hold my breath.


The only way is independence…

Parliament has once again rejected Theresa May’s Withdrawal Agreement. She has failed to show an ounce of leadership.

She must accept her zombie deal has been resoundingly rejected twice, and stop trying to raise it from the dead for a third time in order to blackmail MPs into voting for it.

The best and most democratic way forward is to put the decision back to the people in a fresh referendum – with Remain on the ballot paper – and a General Election to finally rid us of this catastrophic Tory government.

Scotland has been ignored throughout the Brexit process. Whatever happens now, it is clear that the only way to properly protect our interests is with independence.