Marion Fellows, MP for Motherwell and Wishaw, has urged EU citizens to make their applications to the EU Settlement Scheme (EUSS) as the deadline approaches on 30 June.

Those who do not apply by the deadline will lose their right to work, healthcare and public funds.

Mrs Fellows is concerned that a high number of looked after children are yet to apply which can cause serious implications for them if the deadline is missed.  

The Scottish Government has provided funding to Citizens Advice Scotland to support EU citizens living in Scotland in applying to the EUSS. Their team of specialist advisors can be contacted on their freephone EU Citizens Support Service helpline, 0800 916 9847.

SNP Parliamentarians have called on the UK Government to extend the deadline and improve the EUSS to ensure those people who have the right to reside are able to do so.

Commenting, Mrs Fellows said:

“EU citizens in Motherwell, Wishaw, Bellshill and across Scotland contribute so much to their communities, the economy and our public services. It is essential that all who are eligible for the EU Settlement Scheme apply before the deadline of 30 June so they can continue to make those valued contributions.

“Brexit has created an incredible amount of uncertainty for EU citizens over their lives, careers and families. SNP MPs have called for the deadline to be extended and the scheme to be simplified. But the UK Government has ignored these calls.

“Citizens Advice Scotland are providing support to those who need assistance. I urge all EU citizens who have yet to apply to do so as soon as possible. Scotland is your home and you are welcome here.”E



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So many people and our public services rely on workers from the EU who will not meet the conditions of the UK Government’s hostile environment.

Particularly, our elderly and disabled people rely on those 70,000 EU workers in the UK care sector. Are those most in need suppose to go without or are busy, hardworking families suppose to find more time in their already pressed schedules?

These policies will not just impact the people seeking to come to the UK, it will impact on the day-to-day lives of the people who rely on their work and on our services.



Marion Fellows, SNP MP for Motherwell and Wishaw, has backed a Bill to protect the NHS from being used as a bargaining chip in future trade deals with foreign nations.

The SNP will tomorrow (5 February) bring forward the NHS protection Bill – a key 2019 manifesto commitment – to enshrine in law that all four of the UK’s health services must be protected as publicly owned, publicly operated, and its services publicly commissioned, and ensure that any future trade deals would require the explicit consent of the Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish Parliaments and Assemblies.

Commenting, Mrs Fellows said:

“The NHS in Scotland – and all parts of the UK – is precious to those who use it and we must do everything we can to protect it from anyone who is seeking to abuse it for profit. Our NHS must be off the table in any Trump trade deal.

“While health policy is devolved to Scotland, we cannot currently stop Westminster from signing away our NHS in a damaging trade deal, or entering agreements with other nations that would dramatically push up drug prices or risk our public services.

“That is why I am supporting this proposal for a new law that will protect our National Health Services from Boris Johnson and Donald Trump.

“I will not stand idly by while there is a risk that the Tories will trade away our vital health service for a trade deal with Donald Trump. Our NHS has been there to care for and protect us for the last 70 years – now it’s our turn to stand up and protect the NHS.”



As successive UK Governments continue to ride roughshod over Scotland’s will, we must decide our own future – not have Boris Johnson decide it for us.

The First Minister has today announced that the SNP will seek to secure a binding referendum for the Scottish people. We will seek to do this by bringing together the elected representatives of Scotland: MSPs, MPs, the MEPs elected last year and council leaders – to come together to endorse a modern Claim of Right for Scotland through a new Constitutional Convention.

To declare that it is for the Scottish Parliament to decide whether and when there should be an independence choice and build support for that principle amongst civic Scotland.

Independence has always been backed up with a solid plan. In 2014, we produced ‘Scotland’s Future’. We will now produce the ‘New Scotland’ papers which will provide the information and answers people want on the details on how Scotland can make the transition from a Yes vote to becoming an independent country.

They will set out ideas and options for how we can use the powers of independence to build a better future – to grow a stronger and more sustainable economy, tackle poverty and inequality, better meet the climate challenge and expand opportunity for our country and for each and every person who lives here.

Scotland’s people are moving the country towards independence. Our will cannot be undermined and the SNP is fighting for a Scotland which will be able to make its own decisions. We can achieve that with independence.



Boris Johnson’s Brexit Bill has received Royal Assent. Scotland will now be dragged from the EU against our will on the 31st of January. Our jobs, services and rights will be stripped. Trade will be harder. Workers’ Rights and environmental protections will be put on the Brexit bonfire. And it will be harder for our public services and businesses to access the talent they need to run them.

The SNP will continue to fight for Scotland’s will. If Boris Johnson will continue to ignore it, we must decide our own future through an independence referendum – not have it decided for us.

I asked local people to nominate which charities they believe should be considered for the Scottish Charity Awards so they can be thanked for the work they do to serve our communities. There has been a lot of suggestions and a lot of worthy candidates. I’ll be announcing my nominations next week.

On Friday, I met with Voluntary Action North Lanarkshire’s Chief Executive, Maddy Halliday, to discuss how our local charities can be supported. As the Tories continue to force austerity on our economy, services and communities, charities have often moved to the frontline to help people in need.

The same day, I met with Clare Adamson, MSP for Motherwell and Wishaw, to discuss how Team SNP can continue working together on shared issues that matter to local people.

I questioned Women and Equalities Ministers on Thursday about expanding the UK Government’s Access to Work scheme.

If the UK Government is serious about reducing the disability employment gap, then there must be clear and concrete proposals to do so and targets to measure performance. They cannot continue paying lip service with no action.

Increasing the Access to Work fund, lifting the cap, lowering waiting times and raising awareness are just a few small steps which can make a big difference to peoples’ lives. We must see improved access to the scheme.

There is no shortage of ideas which could help people with disabilities get into and stay in work. It only requires the political will which so far, the UK Government has been lacking. The Tories’ austerity regime has specifically targeted people with disabilities and has trodden them down, rather than lifting them up.

This is in sharp contrast to the Scottish Government’s Action Plan which seeks to half the disability employment gap by 2038 and creation of a new social security system based on fairness dignity and respect.

Thankfully, the Disabilities Minister has requested a meeting with me and I’ll be putting forward the concrete proposals needed to close the disability employment gap.

This week, I was able to meet with disabilities group Scope to discuss what more can be done. It’s essential that policy related to people with disabilities is led by them and their experiences. As I go forward as the Disabilities spokesperson, this will underpin my work.



The SNP will lock the Tories out raise incomes across Scotland says the SNP candidate for Motherwell and Wishaw, Marion Fellows, who is seeking re-election on the 12th of December.

Mrs Fellows says SNP MPs will use their votes to lock the Tories out of government and will never form a deal with them – bringing an end to austerity.

SNP MPs will vote for a minimum wage equal to the Living Wage of £9.30 an hour and end austerity to invest in well paid, high skilled jobs.

SNP MPs will halt roll-out of Universal Credit and the five week waiting time for payments will be ended.

Incomes will be raised for families and the disabled with the scrapping of the draconian two-child cap and ‘rape clause’ on tax credits and an end to “rigged” disability assessment.

SNP MPs will seek dignity for the elderly opposing an increase to the age of retirement, a reversal of cuts to Pension credits, and justice for the WASPI women denied their pension rights.

The SNP Scottish Government has already delivered its Carer’s Allowance Supplement giving £452.40 to carers per year. Its new Scottish Child Payment will lift 30,000 Scottish children out of poverty by 2023.

Commenting, Mrs Fellows said:

“Tory austerity has attacked peoples’ incomes in Motherwell, Wishaw, Bellshill – and across Scotland forcing families in and out of work to foodbanks. The SNP will lock the Tories out of power, bringing an end to austerity so we can invest in creating well paid jobs, and raise incomes and employment.

“With our new social security system, the SNP hasn’t just been promising change – we’re delivering it. But we can do so much more.

“We will ensure work pays with a new Living Wage of £9.30. For the most vulnerable – especially children, the disabled and the elderly – we will ensure they get the support they need by ending the disgraceful and punishing policies of the Tory welfare regime.

“We must futureproof our economy and incomes by ensuring Scotland remains in the EU single market. Thousands of jobs are on the line. We cannot allow Boris Johnson or Jeremy Corbyn to drag us from the EU against our will.”




Marion Fellows, the SNP candidate for Motherwell and Wishaw, visited the local Colville Park Golf and Country Club to congratulate them on reaching the finals of the Club Mirror Awards and has pledged to continue fighting on for small businesses if re-elected.

The Colville Club has been nominated for the Best Golf Club and Best Country Club within their category.

General Manager, Carol Cairns, and chef, Skye, will both be heading to Doncaster Racecourse on 28 November for the announcement.

Mrs Fellows met with kitchen staff, Club regulars and Golf Professional and Club Secretary, Sam Cairns, to hear about the Club’s sporting achievements and events in the months ahead.

Mrs Fellows is the SNP’s spokesperson on Small Business and has pledged to fight on for small businesses and community groups if re-elected on 12 December.

Commenting, Mrs Fellows said:

“It’s local, small businesses like the Colville Club which are the backbone of our economy and the lifeblood of our communities providing jobs and purpose to people. The Colville is a perfect example of what businesses and people in the Motherwell and Wishaw constituency have to offer and they deserve our congratulations.

“If re-elected, I want to continue to fight for small businesses. I want to ensure we remain in the EU single market so goods and services are affordable, ensure businesses get the support to train staff and grow, and to implement legislation to ensure they aren’t hindered by late payments from larger businesses.

“All members and staff who work at the Colville Park Golf and Country Club deserve our recognition for their contributions which have made the Club so popular. The staff who cook the meals, pull the pints, and maintain the grounds; and the members who have built a community and promoted sports to local people have made the Club a local favourite.”




The SNP’s candidate for Motherwell and Wishaw, Marion Fellows, has said she is ready to fight the December General Election and will put jobs, public services and Scotland’s sovereignty first.

Elected as the Member of Parliament in 2015, Mrs Fellows acts as the SNP’s Small Business spokesperson at Westminster and has fought against Tory austerity policies such unfair disability assessments, unpaid child maintenance, low pay and precarious work, and the managed decline of the public Post Office network locally and nationally.

Locally, Marion has fought to protect libraries and bin collections from the Labour-Tory Council Coalition cuts, the Autism One-Stop Shop, Overtown village status; and called for action by the council on rat infestations, improvements to the railway bridge in Cleland and the Shieldmuir station park and ride, and litter and chip vans.

Commenting, Mrs Fellows said:

“I am ready to fight this election for communities in Motherwell, Wishaw and Bellshill. A vote for the SNP is a vote to protect Scotland’s jobs, public services and the democratic will of the Scottish people. I will fight Scotland’s corner against any UK Government and protect our right to decide our EU membership with a peoples’ vote. Scotland must have the right to choose its own future.

“If Labour aren’t fighting each other, they’re cosying up to the Tories by voting for Johnson’s damaging Brexit deal or being in coalition with them in North Lanarkshire Council. Labour are all over the place. But the SNP are clear: we want to stop the Tories and protect Scotland’s sovereignty.

“I am fighting for the disabled denied Personal Independence Payments; families pushed into poverty by Universal Credit; workers earning poverty wages on zero-hours contracts; the small businesses put to the bottom of the pile; the WASPI women denied their pensions; the children living in poverty who have been denied the support to secure them a promising future.

“I have thoroughly enjoyed working for and representing communities over the past four years. I want to keep fighting for them.”



Following my letter to Asda CEO – Roger Burnley – regarding the forceful changing of workers’ contracts, I have received a response refusing a meeting.

Many workers are refusing to sign new contracts as they would lose out on an average of £500 per year and struggle with care responsibilities. Those who don’t sign will face the sack this weekend. This is outrageous and a disgusting abuse of power.

I stand with the workers in Asda in Motherwell and all those across the UK. Asda’s response is not good enough. They must get around the negotiating table. Show your support by signing and sharing this petition.

The Tories have undermined employment law so that it’s easier for employers to get away with whatever they want. The SNP supports the repeal of the Tories’ Trade Union Act to replace it with proper rights so that workers won’t have to tolerate this treatment.


Despite voting remain, Scotland has been consistently ignored by the UK Government over single market access throughout the whole Brexit process while Northern Ireland gets the advantage of continued access. Scottish Government compromises have been disregarded and a response hasn’t even been provided.

The Secretary recognises Northern Ireland’s special status, but doesn’t recognise an advantage in it – the epitome of doublespeak.

Only with independence will we actually get a Government making decisions in Scotland’s interests.