The SNP will lock the Tories out raise incomes across Scotland says the SNP candidate for Motherwell and Wishaw, Marion Fellows, who is seeking re-election on the 12th of December.

Mrs Fellows says SNP MPs will use their votes to lock the Tories out of government and will never form a deal with them – bringing an end to austerity.

SNP MPs will vote for a minimum wage equal to the Living Wage of £9.30 an hour and end austerity to invest in well paid, high skilled jobs.

SNP MPs will halt roll-out of Universal Credit and the five week waiting time for payments will be ended.

Incomes will be raised for families and the disabled with the scrapping of the draconian two-child cap and ‘rape clause’ on tax credits and an end to “rigged” disability assessment.

SNP MPs will seek dignity for the elderly opposing an increase to the age of retirement, a reversal of cuts to Pension credits, and justice for the WASPI women denied their pension rights.

The SNP Scottish Government has already delivered its Carer’s Allowance Supplement giving £452.40 to carers per year. Its new Scottish Child Payment will lift 30,000 Scottish children out of poverty by 2023.

Commenting, Mrs Fellows said:

“Tory austerity has attacked peoples’ incomes in Motherwell, Wishaw, Bellshill – and across Scotland forcing families in and out of work to foodbanks. The SNP will lock the Tories out of power, bringing an end to austerity so we can invest in creating well paid jobs, and raise incomes and employment.

“With our new social security system, the SNP hasn’t just been promising change – we’re delivering it. But we can do so much more.

“We will ensure work pays with a new Living Wage of £9.30. For the most vulnerable – especially children, the disabled and the elderly – we will ensure they get the support they need by ending the disgraceful and punishing policies of the Tory welfare regime.

“We must futureproof our economy and incomes by ensuring Scotland remains in the EU single market. Thousands of jobs are on the line. We cannot allow Boris Johnson or Jeremy Corbyn to drag us from the EU against our will.”




The SNP’s candidate for Motherwell and Wishaw, Marion Fellows, has said she is ready to fight the December General Election and will put jobs, public services and Scotland’s sovereignty first.

Elected as the Member of Parliament in 2015, Mrs Fellows acts as the SNP’s Small Business spokesperson at Westminster and has fought against Tory austerity policies such unfair disability assessments, unpaid child maintenance, low pay and precarious work, and the managed decline of the public Post Office network locally and nationally.

Locally, Marion has fought to protect libraries and bin collections from the Labour-Tory Council Coalition cuts, the Autism One-Stop Shop, Overtown village status; and called for action by the council on rat infestations, improvements to the railway bridge in Cleland and the Shieldmuir station park and ride, and litter and chip vans.

Commenting, Mrs Fellows said:

“I am ready to fight this election for communities in Motherwell, Wishaw and Bellshill. A vote for the SNP is a vote to protect Scotland’s jobs, public services and the democratic will of the Scottish people. I will fight Scotland’s corner against any UK Government and protect our right to decide our EU membership with a peoples’ vote. Scotland must have the right to choose its own future.

“If Labour aren’t fighting each other, they’re cosying up to the Tories by voting for Johnson’s damaging Brexit deal or being in coalition with them in North Lanarkshire Council. Labour are all over the place. But the SNP are clear: we want to stop the Tories and protect Scotland’s sovereignty.

“I am fighting for the disabled denied Personal Independence Payments; families pushed into poverty by Universal Credit; workers earning poverty wages on zero-hours contracts; the small businesses put to the bottom of the pile; the WASPI women denied their pensions; the children living in poverty who have been denied the support to secure them a promising future.

“I have thoroughly enjoyed working for and representing communities over the past four years. I want to keep fighting for them.”


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Monday 22nd October


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There are growing calls for funding to be made available in the UK Government Budget for the WASPI women denied their pension rights as local MP, Marion Fellows, writes to the Chancellor.

Her letter includes figures from the House of Commons Library showing that 5,800 women in the Motherwell and Wishaw constituency will be affected by the UK Government’s pension age policy. 3,400 will have the longest wait of six years.

Since women’s pension age increase in 2013, there has been a 460% increase in women over-60 claiming and Employment Support Allowance and an 80% increase in those claiming Job Seekers Allowance and Universal Credit.

Mrs Fellows made the call only weeks after joining the WASPI women from the Lanarkshire branch on their protest outside Parliament.

Commenting, Mrs Fellows said:

The Chancellor has an opportunity with his Budget on Monday (29 October 2018) to reinstate the WASPI women’s pension rights. To do nothing would be an appalling abdication of responsibility for these women who are now turning to other forms ESA and the shambolic Universal Credit to support themselves.

Men’s and women’s pension age has to be equalised, but it has to be done in a manner that eases generations into the increase rather than the shock treatment women are facing. People plan years ahead for their retirement. Their plans are now scuppered as they face financial difficulty.

Many women affected weren’t even notified of the change by the Tory Lib-Dem coalition. It is not justifiable under the circumstances for 5,800 women to wait longer to retire and for 3,400 to wait as long as six years.

The SNP commissioned independent research in2016 which outlined a number of options to provide these women with additional support. The Chancellor must look again and bring forward the necessary funds to support the WASPI women.



Motherwell and Wishaw MP, Marion Fellows, joined WASPI Women from Lanarkshire outside Parliament as MPs returned from recess last week.

Thousands of affected women descended on London with women from Lanarkshire branch, but also from branches from Glasgow and the surrounding areas included in their number.

The WASPI women have sustained and grew their campaign for pension age equality after the Tory-Lib Dem coalition implemented a shock equalisation of the state pension age forcing many women to work longer with no warning.

Scottish WASPI women then met with Scottish MPs in a meeting afterwards to discuss how collective action can be taken.

Commenting, Mrs Fellows said:

It was, and always is, a pleasure to join the WASPI women on their protest and a meeting afterwards.

On the first day back at Parliament after the break and these amazing women are pounding at the door. It shows their grit and determination to secure their pension rights.

Inside Parliament, the SNP will not let up either. It’s time the Tories – abetted by the Lib Dems – reverse their policy and restore the pension rights of the WASPI women.

The pension age needs to be equalised, but it needs to be done so fairly rather than the abrupt changes which has caused chaos for millions of hard working women.


Universal Credit & WASPI Surgeries

👣 Out and about with upcoming surgeries!

A wee reminder of the details of my surgeries this week regarding Universal Credit and women’s state pension age increase. If you need assistance or advice with another matter however, please feel free to come along also or get in touch.

The UK Government is rolling out Universal Credit. This is vastly different from the old welfare system and includes Housing Benefit, JSA, ESA Child and Working Tax Credit and Income Support. Come to the UC surgery for advice or assistance.

Likewise, if you are affected by the women’s state pension age increase and need advice or want to take action, please come along to the WASPI surgery.


This Week (2018): #4

Monday 5th February

It was back to work for Marion on Monday, as she continues to work hard for the people of the Motherwell & Wishaw constituency.

Tuesday 6th January

Wednesday 7th February

Thursday 8th February

Thursday saw Marion quizzing the Cabinet Office on the Carillion debacle, receiving responses to a number of tabled questions which you can view here.

Friday 9th February

On Friday, Marion held her monthly surgery in the Orbiston Neighbourhood Centre in Bellshill. As always, the MP and her staff were on hand to talk to local people, give advice, and provide assistance on a number of issues.

 Saturday 10th February

Saturday marked the beginning of the UK Government’s February Recess, with MPs due to return to Westminster on the 20th of February.


This Week (2018): #3

Monday 29th January

It was back to work for Marion on Monday, as she continues to work hard for the people of the Motherwell & Wishaw constituency.

Tuesday 30th January

Wednesday 31st January

As well as joining the Minister for Higher Education, Further Education and Science on a visit to New College Lanarkshire, Marion was busy working from her constituency office in Motherwell, as well as undertaking meetings with local businesses.

Thursday 1st February

Thursday saw Marion hosting a fantastic and vital WASPI event in Motherwell, furthering the cause for pension justice.

The MP also continued to further the campaign for a more efficient, fairer Child Maintenance System, questioning the Department for Work and Pensions on non-resident parents being allowed £2,500 of unearned income that is not factored into payment plans.

Friday 2nd February

 Saturday 3rd February

On Saturday, Marion held her month Wishaw Library surgery, allowing constituents to come along without an appointment for advice and assistance with a range of issues.


Last night’s WASPI event…

Last night’s WASPI event in Motherwell was fantastic.

There were loads of new people in attendance ready to join the cause for pension justice.

The WASPI women are not going away. It’s time the UK Government paid up!


This Week (2018): #2

Monday 22nd January

It was back to work for Marion on Monday, as she continues to work hard for the people of the Motherwell & Wishaw constituency.

Tuesday 23rd January

On Tuesday, Marion met with Margaret Ann Jones from Motherwell & Wishaw Women’s Aid to hear more about the valuable work the organisation does in supporting vulnerable women and their children.

It was also a day for receiving answers from the UK Government, as Marion had a variety of questions answered on Carillion in Scotland, ESA tribunals, ESA appeals, and the issue of affordability for repatriating a family member who passes on abroad.

Wednesday 24th January

As well as joining the Deputy First Minister on a visit to Dalziel High, Marion was busy working from her constituency office in Motherwell.

Additionally, more answers to questions raised by the Motherwell & Wishaw MP were received from the UK Government, with Marion raising the issue of adequate measures being in place for when ex-servicemen and women claim to have been the victims of abuse during their time in the armed forces.

Thursday 25th January

Thursday saw Marion speaking out against the Tory austerity which continues to plunge children into poverty (full story here), saying:

The Tory UK Government’s austerity obsession is holding Scotland back from eliminating child poverty. Our children are paying the price while the Tories’ friends, donors and the wealthy get richer.

The SNP Scottish Government has been doing what it can with the powers it has including establishing a £50million child poverty fund and expanding free childcare and early learning so that parents are able to work to support their family.

The Scottish Government is also mitigating against welfare cuts including the Bedroom Tax, maintaining Council Tax Benefit, and increasing the child allowance within the Council Tax reduction scheme helping 140,000 children across Scotland.

The SNP’s efforts have ensured Scotland is miles ahead of the UK on tackling child poverty. But we aim to do more.

It is clear with greater powers at their disposal, the UK Government must act by reversing austerity so that children can be lifted out of poverty rather than being pushed into it.

Marion also continued to hold the UK Government account, quizzing David Mundell on the Scotland Office’s relationship with Carillion, sourcing information on how ex-servicemen and women can officially return their medals should they wish to do so, and continuing to raise the many flaws with Work Capability Assessments.

Friday 26th January