2014: 6 YEARS ON

I’m proud to have played my part in Yes Motherwell & Wishaw in 2014. We worked with anyone who strived for an independent Scotland. Some of our brightest stars on that campaign are no longer with us and we stand on their shoulders today. We won in Motherwell and Wishaw then. We will win again […]


Last night, I voted against the Tories’ power grab on the Scottish Parliament. Yet, the Internal Market Bill was passed despite Scottish MPs and the Scottish Parliament rejecting it. All of the Scottish Tory MPs, including Scottish Tory leader Douglas Ross, voted to undermine Scotland’s will and control over devolved policy areas. They have been […]


Despite the spin from the Tories in London, Scotland’s budget will be lower in real terms that it was when the Tories came to power. It does not reverse £13.9bn of cumulative cuts or provide our people and services with the full support they need. I was pleased that SNP calls to act on the […]

NLC BUDGET 2020/21

Due to the continued cuts from the Tory Government in London, the SNP Group in NLC did their best to create a budget which protects frontline jobs and services by listening to the concerns of local people. Sadly, the Labour budget was passed leading to:🚨 New charges for community alarms of £3.40 per week.🍞 An increase in […]


Tonight, all Scottish MPs were blocked from voting on matters which would affect how much money Scotland would get in our block grant due to English Votes for English Laws (EVEL). That means the Scottish people are being blocked from having their say over the decisions which affect our lives – again. The UK is […]


As successive UK Governments continue to ride roughshod over Scotland’s will, we must decide our own future – not have Boris Johnson decide it for us. The First Minister has today announced that the SNP will seek to secure a binding referendum for the Scottish people. We will seek to do this by bringing together […]