PMQs: Boris Johnson Must Go

While people in Motherwell and Wishaw, our NHS and other frontline services made sacrifices throughout the pandemic, Boris Johnson was hosting a cheese and wine party in Downing Street. While people were following rules by not visiting family in hospital, missing funerals and weddings, Boris Johnson was putting public health at risk with an illegal gathering. And while footage has emerged of the Prime Minister’s staff joking about breaking lockdown rules, Boris Johnson continues to shirk his responsibilities and deny that any rules were broken.

Boris Johnson believes he can lie his way through this scandal and that the public will swallow it. True to form, the Tories show that it is one rule for them and another rule for everyone else. As Omicron rises, his government has shattered public trust in health measures. It is time for Boris Johnson and his corrupt government to go. Boris Johnson must resign.

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Many workers are falling through the cracks in the covid-19 income schemes. We must have a Universal Basic Income for everyone so everyone can live with dignity and not in hardship.

There is widespread public support for this. The UK Government must seriously look at implementing a UBI – not just reject it and allow thousands to go without.

Read the signed letter to the UK chancellor here.

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With Coronavirus cases in the UK rising, workers are understandably worried about being able to take time off work. In the UK, only those who are eligible for statutory sick pay will receive it and they will receive a meagre £94.25 per week. Self-employed workers and those on zero hour contracts are being left to fend for themselves.

🇮🇪 Ireland has recently raised SSP to £266 per week – for employed and self-employed workers.

Other EU states are outperforming the UK on SSP:
🇩🇪 Germany – £287
🇸🇪 Sweden – £230
🇳🇱 Netherlands – £201
🇪🇸 Spain – £121
🇦🇹 Austria – £287

🇬🇧 The UK is one of the richest countries in the world, yet the UK Government is forcing people to choose between working while ill or surviving on £94 per week.

This Tory UK Government is a government of the rich and of big business. Hardworking people deserve respect and dignity. This is now also a matter of public health. The UK Government must bring SSP in line with AT LEAST the EU average.

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PMQS: Sick Pay and Coronavirus

I am glad that statutory sick pay will be available from day one – not day four – so people do not present at work and risk spreading coronavirus.

I hope this policy will remain permanent so that workers with all illnesses are able to take the time off they need to recover. This will especially benefit disabled people.

People should not have to choose between working while ill and hardship. We need a modern sick pay system fit for the 21st century. Sick pay must be set at an hourly rate and living wage; available to everyone regardless of earnings, working hours or contract; and available for 52 weeks instead of 28.

For people who are self-employed and on zero hours contracts, Boris Johnson has said Universal Credit is available from day one. It is not. It is available after a gruelling five week wait forcing people to foodbanks.

People deserve dignity and support. There is no need for people to endure hardship. The lack of support from the UK Government risks the unnecessary spreading of coronavirus.



At PMQs today, Boris Johnson has only proven that he is full of bluster and not many answers. I am sure that the Tory MPs who elected him leader are contemplating his ability to do the job. His privileged entitlement and ineptitude are obvious. He can no longer hide behind campaign buses or the backbenches of Parliament.

SNP MPs will vote for an election to bring this Tory Government down to prevent them inflicting any further harm on Scotland if no deal will be taken off the table. No deal would be catastrophic for our society – threatening a shortage of food, medicines, and investment which would tear apart the lives of people living here.

Sadly, some Labour MPs, fearful of their seats, have been talking down the prospect of another General Election. But SNP MPs are determined to stop Boris Johnson and the Tories to ensure the people of Scotland get the respect they deserve. I will happily take on the opportunity to remove the Tories from government.


PMQs 17/07/2019

The increasing shift to the right by the Tory party is extremely worrying. The Tories have more in common with Trump than they care to admit. We’re about to get a Prime Minister that isn’t so embarrassed to publicly align himself with Trump’s racism.

The nationalism that many people in the Scottish independence movement advocate is inclusive. It welcomes everyone. It does not support vans or statements which tell people to “go home”. It does not assign rights based on the colour of peoples’ skin or where they were born. It envisions a country where anyone can build a life, find a home, and have a family.

Scottish independence is about the people who call Scotland their home making the decisions which affect Scotland – and everyone is welcome.



With the roll out of Universal Credit cutting incomes and pushing people into hardship, more people are turning to payday loans to support their families.

Motherwell was recently reported as the payday loan capital. The Prime Minister must halt the roll out of Universal Credit. If not, then we need action on the vultures in payday loan companies.

As per usual, the Prime Minister dodges her responsibilities on Universal Credit and doesn’t even touch on payday loans. Contrary to her response, the Scottish Government is taking the steps to establish a Scottish Social Security agency based on fairness, dignity and respect. Far better than the Tories’ DWP based on suspicion, persecution and shame.



The SNP’s Small Business spokesperson has called on the Prime Minister to reverse the tide of Post Office closures, as Postmasters struggle to survive on the contract introduced by the UK government.

Marion Fellows MP said the Prime Minister must intervene to ensure Postmasters receive a fair rate, and Post Offices stay open.

The MP has also written to the Tory minister for Postal Affairs, Kelly Tolhurst, today seeking a meeting over warnings that low pay levels are a leading cause of branch closures across Scotland – with postmasters taking an average pay cut of 4.5% this year, with 11,500 Post Office workers receiving a combined £17m pay cut.

The MP for Motherwell & Wishaw also relayed concerns over the decision by the Post Office Network to turn 74 crown branches into franchises run by WHSmith, and the subsequent impact this could have on rural communities and businesses who rely on these services.

Last year, a Citizens Advice study showed that over two million small businesses – 62% of small businesses in the UK – use Post Offices at least once a month. The research also revealed that people (49%) found Post Office branches more important than a bank branch (31%), library (29%), or a pub (25%).

Commenting, Marion Fellows MP said:

Post Offices are closing in their hundreds as Postmasters struggle to make a living on the contract introduced by this UK government – the Prime Minister must take action.

Through its North Star initiative, the publicly-owned Post Office is aiming for £100 million of profit by 2021 while Postmaster pay has declined by over £107 million since 2012. This UK government must take action now to save our Post Office Network and step in to ensure Postmasters receive a fair rate.

The SNP supports a strong network of Post Office branches which form the backbone of local communities and businesses throughout the UK. However, the recent decision to turn 74 crown Post Offices into franchises in WHSmith stores is also alarming – particularly given reports that franchising is being done so without consultation with existing local Post Offices, meaning the competition risks destabilising the network further.

This is of particular concern given that at a recent APPG meeting, the Post Office’s Director of Sales and Trade Marketing stated that they have no contingency plan in the event of WHSmith – which has experienced 14 years of consecutive sale declining – collapsing.

I urge the Prime Minister to review the sub-Postmasters’ contract introduced in 2012 and commit to ensuring that further franchising only happens with consultation.

I am also concerned by reports that the Post Office is spending £10m on legal costs on defence of a class action from around 600 Postmasters, pertaining to lawsuits of false accounting broad against them by Post Office Ltd since 2000, which appears to be the fault of errors in the Horizon accounting system.

The UK government must set out whether or not it had any communication with the Post Office about this course of legal action.


This Week (2018) #5

Monday 19th March

On Monday, Marion was in Westminster undertaking a number of meetings & parliamentary duties, as well as speaking at the debate on Orkambi and Cystic Fibrosis – a topic of particular personal interest to the MP:

Tuesday 20th March

Wednesday 21st March

As always, Wednesday was another busy day at the House of Commons for Marion, involving numerous meetings, briefings & attending Prime Minister’s Questions.

Thursday 22nd March

On Thursday, Marion took the opportunity to raise the issue of the Redundancy Modification Order review with the Leader of the House. The review has negatively impacted on Marion’s constituents, and people across the United Kingdom:

Later that day, Marion also featured in a debate on the NHS and Brexit, highlighting the consistently great work undertaken at University Hospital Wishaw:

Friday 23rd March

Marion was back in the constituency office in Motherwell on Friday, hosting interviews for the Constituency Assistant vacancy on her team – the standard of all those who applied was incredibly high!


This Week #54

Monday 26th June 2017

Tuesday 27th June 2017

National Lottery Funding in Motherwell & Wishaw
27th June 2017

I was delighted to hear that 18 projects across Motherwell and Wishaw will share £143,139 in funding from the National Lottery Fund after applying to Awards for All Scotland.

These projects range in purpose: from tackling to isolation and loneliness in the local area through befriending services and blether clubs; to funding kids groups to aid learning and promote development.

I look forward to seeing how these projects develop over the coming months to benefit the local community and make a positive difference to the lives of people across Motherwell and Wishaw.

Wednesday 28th June 2017

On Wednesday, Marion was in attendance at Prime Minister’s Questions, taking the opportunity to quiz Theresa May on the VAT Scottish emergency services need to pay, costing £35m of funding.

It was a rather ruckus PMQs, involving Tory MPs indulging in loud, childish behaviour, and the PM provided no reason or explanation as to why the VAT exemption would not be extended.

Thursday 29th June 2017

On Thursday, Marion spent the day at Westminister undertaking parliamentary duties, attending meetings, and working hard in Parliament for the people of Motherwell & Wishaw.

Friday 30th June 2017

Scottish Tory Failure Costs Motherwell & Wishaw £50m, says MP
30th June 2017

Marion Fellows, MP for Motherwell and Wishaw, has this week claimed that the failure of the Scottish Tories to secure additional funding for Scotland after a £1bn deal with the DUP has meant Motherwell and Wishaw could miss out on £50mn worth of funding.

After calling a snap election and losing their majority, in order to cling onto power the Tories made a £1bn deal with the DUP.

Under the Barnett Formula which determines how much money Scotland receives based on what is spent in England, this would have awarded Scotland an additional £2.9bn of funding – a potential £50mn for Motherwell and Wishaw.

Commenting, Mrs Fellows said:

“The Scottish Tories have demonstrated their true colours as London mouthpieces. Their interests are not the people of Scotland, but power. They are even prepared to make a deal with the DUP to get it.

“Scottish Secretary, David Mundell, claimed before the deal was made that any additional funding would not “subvert the Barnett rules”. At PMQs, the Prime Minister refused to confirm if Mr Mundell made any attempts to secure additional funding for Scotland. Instead of being Scotland’s man in Westminster, he is Westminster’s man in Scotland. He has either lied or is incompetent. He must resign.

“As a result, the local area could miss out on £50mn of funding and Scotland £2.9bn – coincidentally how much the Tories will cut Scotland’s budget by by 2020. This could be spent on improving our services and investing in jobs.

“While Ruth Davidson’s Tory MPs roll over like lapdogs, the SNP has demanded that we in Scotland get our fair share of funding. It is democratically unacceptable for grubby deals like this to be made when we in Scotland are suffering under austerity and so many nationally and locally are in poverty.”

Saturday 1st July 2017