PMQs: Boris Johnson Must Go

While people in Motherwell and Wishaw, our NHS and other frontline services made sacrifices throughout the pandemic, Boris Johnson was hosting a cheese and wine party in Downing Street. While people were following rules by not visiting family in hospital, missing funerals and weddings, Boris Johnson was putting public health at risk with an illegal […]


Many workers are falling through the cracks in the covid-19 income schemes. We must have a Universal Basic Income for everyone so everyone can live with dignity and not in hardship. There is widespread public support for this. The UK Government must seriously look at implementing a UBI – not just reject it and allow […]


With Coronavirus cases in the UK rising, workers are understandably worried about being able to take time off work. In the UK, only those who are eligible for statutory sick pay will receive it and they will receive a meagre £94.25 per week. Self-employed workers and those on zero hour contracts are being left to […]

PMQS: Sick Pay and Coronavirus

I am glad that statutory sick pay will be available from day one – not day four – so people do not present at work and risk spreading coronavirus. I hope this policy will remain permanent so that workers with all illnesses are able to take the time off they need to recover. This will […]


At PMQs today, Boris Johnson has only proven that he is full of bluster and not many answers. I am sure that the Tory MPs who elected him leader are contemplating his ability to do the job. His privileged entitlement and ineptitude are obvious. He can no longer hide behind campaign buses or the backbenches […]

This Week #49

27th March – 2nd April 2017 On Monday, it was back to London for Marion as the Member of Parliament travelled south for another busy week at Wesminster. Words fail me! — Marion Fellows MP (@marionfellowsmp) March 28, 2017 Marion was in London on Tuesday, with a busy day of parliamentary duties and briefings within the House of Commons. […]