At PMQs today, Boris Johnson has only proven that he is full of bluster and not many answers. I am sure that the Tory MPs who elected him leader are contemplating his ability to do the job. His privileged entitlement and ineptitude are obvious. He can no longer hide behind campaign buses or the backbenches of Parliament.

SNP MPs will vote for an election to bring this Tory Government down to prevent them inflicting any further harm on Scotland if no deal will be taken off the table. No deal would be catastrophic for our society – threatening a shortage of food, medicines, and investment which would tear apart the lives of people living here.

Sadly, some Labour MPs, fearful of their seats, have been talking down the prospect of another General Election. But SNP MPs are determined to stop Boris Johnson and the Tories to ensure the people of Scotland get the respect they deserve. I will happily take on the opportunity to remove the Tories from government.