Last night, I voted to halt the catastrophic no deal Brexit plans of Boris Johnson and his far-right gang. SNP MPs stood up for Scotland’s will and economy against the arrogance of the Tory party.

The contemptuous nature with which Johnson and his privileged Etonian Cabinet treat MPs and the people knows no bounds. But they are quickly finding out that they cannot always get what they want. In a single day, Johnson has lost his majority and reduced the number of Tory MPs by 21.

Unsurprisingly, every Scottish Tory MP fell in line behind Johnson. They did not lift a finger to protect Scotland at this critical moment.

The SNP stands ready to fight a General Election and to bring down the Tory Government so long as no deal is taken off the table. We will not allow any Tory Government to ride roughshod over the elected representatives of the people and Parliament and destroy Scotland’s economy.